An introduction to vocal instruction from an award-winning children’s chorus.

First Experiences in Singing exposes young singers ages 6-7 to core melodic and rhythmic musical exploration through high-quality folk song, using the bel canto vocal technique. Students enjoy many opportunities to sing solos, play musical games, and use physical manipulatives to practice musical sight-reading and writing skills. 

LACC offers FES Level I classes each fall and FES Level II classes (for students who meet the pre-requisites, which include FES Level I) each winter/spring. 

To be notified when registration opens for our fall 2023 FES Level I classes, please fill out this interest form

Please be advised that LACC is requiring all choristers participating in in-person activities to be fully vaccinated. While our suite of COVID safety protocols is subject to change based on environmental conditions, at this time the plan is for classes to be held indoors in a well-ventilated space with HEPA air purification. LACC typically also offers one online FES course, taught through Zoom. 

Through the FES program, children:

  • gain experience and confidence singing in bel canto technique in group, small group, and solo settings
  • learn tonal and rhythmic skills through Kodály-based sequential lessons from master teachers
  • become familiar with high-quality folk songs, singing games, and dances, and
  • demonstrate the skills learned through a final demonstration (an informative performance, or informance) for parents, family, and friends.



In the first level of FES, children will explore the joy of singing. Vocal production based in head tone or the upper voice will be explored through simple exercises (sirens, animal sounds, etc.) as well as songs. Additionally, the concepts of pitch, pulse, rhythm, pitch, solfege (so, mi, la, do), and the music staff are explored through kinetic, visual, and aural games. The additional solfege syllable (re) will be introduced. Full body breathing will be taught. Additional rhythmic note values, time signatures, and conducting will be introduced.


Along with reinforcing all previous concepts learned in Level I, children will learn to create bel canto vowels through the use of American folk songs. Introductory experiences in rhythmic and melodic dictation (translating aural patterns to the written music staff), will be presented. Dynamic contrast will be experienced through aural examples and games. Joyous self-expression is deepened. Children will practice vocal exercises that develop a blended choral sound and establish a foundation for healthy vocal production. Musical scales, tempos, and partner songs will be explored. The extended Do pentatone will be completed with the introduction of High Do. Staff dictation examples are drawn from class repertoire. Kinetic activities and listening examples continue to provide engaging experiences while deepening musical understanding. Additional activities assist children in finding their artistic voice.