Dr. K’s Cajun Chicken Curry

Oktubre 20, 2022

Dr. K’s Cajun Chicken Curry recipe is a guaranteed crowd pleaser that will warm empty bellies on cool fall evenings. 

Serves 6

Seasoning Mix:

2 tablespoons curry powder

1 teaspoon ground red pepper (preferably cayenne)

½ teaspoon ground cumin

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground turmeric

 ½ teaspoon black pepper

½ teaspoon dried sweet basil leaves

¼ teaspoon ground coriander


Other Ingredients:

½ pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter

2 tablespoons chicken fat (preferred) or additional butter

3 cups chopped onions

5 tablespoons chopped jalapeno peppers

2 cups unpeeled chopped apples, in all

1 cup sliced bananas

½ cup raisins

½ cup pecan halves or pieces, dry roasted

1 teaspoon salt

¾ teaspoon garlic powder

½ teaspoon ground red pepper (preferably cayenne)

½ teaspoon back pepper

½ teaspoon dried sweet basil leaves

¼ teaspoon white pepper

1 pound boneless chicken, cut into bite-size chunks (about 2 cups)

1 ½ cups basic chicken stock

¾ cup canned cream of coconut

½ cup lightly packed coconut flakes

½ cup chopped parsley

4 ½ cups cooked rice

Note: Fresh jalapenos are preferred; if you have to use pickled ones, rinse as much vinegar from them as possible.


Thoroughly combine the seasoning mix ingredients in a small bowl; set aside.

In a 4-quart saucepan combine the butter, chicken fat, onions, jalapeno peppers, and seasoning mix; cook over high heat until the butter melts, about 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Reduce heat to medium and simmer 20 minutes, stirring occasionally and scraping pan bottom as needed. Add 1 cup of the apples, the bananas, raisins, and pecans, stirring well. Simmer until the mixture is fairly mushy, about 20 minutes, stirring frequently (add up to 4 tablespoons more butter or chicken fat if mixture seems too dry).

Combine the salt, garlic, red and black pepper, basil, and white pepper; mix well and work into the chicken meat with your hands.

When the vegetable mixture finishes simmering, raise the heat to high. Stir in the seasoned chicken and the remaining 1 cup apple; cook about 3 minutes, stirring frequently. Add the stock, cream of coconut and coconut flakes; stir, scraping the pan bottom well. Reduce heat to low and simmer 15 minutes, stirring occasionally (lower heat further if mixture sticks to pan bottom). Add ¾ cup rice to each plate and top with ¾ cup curry. Garnish with parsley and serve.